June 1st:   We received official notification today that "Finn"  CH Snowycreek's Final Factor is now OFA Good Hips and Normal Elbows!!   YEAH!! 

May 26th:  Our beloved "Banker" went to the bridge today!   He was 15 years, 6 months old........ and just got too tired.  He was a marvelous dog and lived a marvelous life.   Honored as a Champion and certified in hips and elbows,  and also an accredited Obedience dog with a CD.   A member of the BEST DOG EVER club........... he was loved and cherished in his later years with his bestest friend......... Lou.  He loved to go biking with Lou, and continued that endevour until 11 years of age.........  We will never forget you ..... thank you for the legacy you have left us!  AND the most marvelous memories! 

Mar 19th:  Today is the 7th birthday of our X litter, sired by Caruso and born to Sidney.  An all black litter that have been our pride from the beginning!  Happy Birthday to Jade, Java, Cooper and Boon, each and everyone of you so very special!!    

Jan 24th:  Celebrating the arrival of our GG litter and the up coming birthday of their GREAT GREAT  GRANDFATHER, our very own CH Snowycreek's Fitting Tribute CD OFA G H/E '
Banker and his sister Diva will be FIFTEEN years old tomorrow.  We are working on a tribute to them both.  Will post when ready       


Nov 11th:  I have just enrolled in a fabulous course on Animal Emotions.  The presenter is a VERY qualified "Ethologist"  who is employed by the University of Stockholm, and has lectured all over Europe.   I hope that what I learn will not only benefit me and our dogs at home, but that I can share some insights with you!! 

Nov 3rd:  I have been fastidiously working away at getting my pedigrees available to you.  My old site at "Sit stay" does not fill my needs now, so I have entered the dogs at Pedigreedatabase.  Still a work in progress, but I'm hoping it will prove valuable.  These pedigrees contain full info on health testing, achievements, awards and pictures....

Nov 1st:          I'm sorry that more than the news page needs updating.  I will be working on adding the missing pedigrees and stats/pictures of our young crew.   Thank you for all the interest, and support we appreciate it. 
Sept 20th:   It's been such a busy year for us....... and I have missed updating the news page.   I guess having 3 youngsters just 9 months apart in age would account for some of my excuses!! LOL
But we have received so many wonderful pictures and stories and I would be remiss in not sharing them.   Thank you so much! I enjoy these dogs as much as their owners do!! 
Keeda, from our EE litter, celebrating with her young mistress, at her Graduation! A pair of beautiful girls!
 The ever beautiful Sophie, from our "W" litter.  Sitting pool side in Texas.  Sophie will be 7 yrs in November
This is Jade, another awesome pup from our all black, X litter!!  Enjoying a fall walk with her Mom!
April 16th,  Many thanks to our friend Amanda Labadie, for taking this awesome head shot of our boy Cooper.  Cooper is loved and lives with  Laurie and Steve and their daughter Jordan,   but he was at Amanda's house this weekend and loving that as well.   'Course, Cooper pretty much loves everything and everyone, so not much unusual about that.  So naturally,  everyone tends to love him back!!  What a great situation!!
April 7th,  too much good news lately, and the pendulum has swung.  We received the sad news that our Java passed away suddenly shortly after midnight last night.   It was a complete shock as she had been her perfect energetic happy self right up to the end.  Her best friend and owner Louie,  is in shock.  She was such a super family friend and companion,  cheeky and full of fun and energy every day her whole life........... and she lived a long one, 13 years and 3 months old.  She is pictured below with her other Bestie,  Banker.   RIP our sweet girl........... CH.  Snowycreek's Happy Endings OVC hips and elbows,  dam of many champions of her own!!  Our beautiful black butterfly!!  She will be so fondly missed and long remembered by Louie and his Mom, and of course by us!! 

April 2nd.  Today at the Red Deer Kennel Club our boy Finn, was awarded Best of Winners to finish his Canadian Championship.   So proud of you!!  Pictures and write up will be added to his page as we receive them  Many thanks to handler Larry Clark!! 
Mar 3rd.     Seems it's all about birthdays these days, but just can't resist sending this photo of our blessed Azryel.  5 years old today and full of fun and life!   Thanks Janelle for being such a super Mom for her. 
Jan 25th:   Another very special birthday greeting goes out to Banker's sister Diva,  who also celebrates 14 years today............Diva was an up n coming agility girl before injuries took her out of that arena.   But she is still much loved and a caring companion to her wonderful parents Roger and Lorraine,  and her life long companion, Kiera,  who was SIXTEEN in Dec. 


Jan 12th: We celebrate 2 very special birthdays this month!   Java,  CH.. Snowcreek's Happy Endings, OVC H&E, celebrated her THIRTEENTH birthday on Jan 3rd.  And her partner and best friend,  CH. Snowycreeks Fitting Tribute  CGN CD, OVC H&E will be FOURTEEN on Jan 25th.   Two very special dogs,  we salute you!!  And your best friend and caretaker,  Louis,  who takes Banker out every day for his daily walk......... up to 4 Km,  and it is the highlight of his day..........   Java,  well she is able, but prefers the couch!! 
Dec 2015 

Dec 17th.  Haven't posted here in a while!!  But just wanted to add this reminder for keeping your best friends safe over the holidays.......... Enjoy yourselves,  cherish your loved ones. 
Aug 31st.  We just finished our annual Cranbrook and District Kennel Club all breed shows.......... These two little beauties took turns going Best Baby Puppy in Breed,  I am so proud of them.   They did so well and  made a million new friends!             
                                                          Finn and Topaz at 3 months
Aug 12th. Those of  you that know me, know that I am always telling you to take the words "dominance" and "subordination" out of your mind and out of your vocabulary.   The graphic below was written for parents and children, but substitute dog for children, and you have the essence of what your goals should be, and where they can take you!

Aug. 1st.   I have had so many wonderful updates from owners lately, complete with marvelous pictures.   Will be updating the photo gallery very soon!  
July 2nd. Our newest pups are heading to their new homes.  It is a bittersweet time for me! But doesn't it seem al worth while when you know they are going into such wonderful families!
These dear kids are waiting for their puppy to appear!
May 8th.  As you know, we rarely rehome our adult dogs. But Val was special, and the family who wanted her were special too.  It's been just over a year since she left, but I have never regretted letting her go. She is so happy, and so well loved!!

April 27th.  Spring is hard upon us, and I have been feeling rather overwhelmed at times, trying  to get the garden ready before Willow needs my full attention.   It was so lovely today to receive a call from a long time client/friend with some exciting news.   She wishes to remain anonymous, because, she "doesn't want to brag", but heck, I DO!!!   She and her husband owned a girl from one of our early litters,  and with him doing the conformation and her doing the obedience, they developed a Group placing Champion and CDX dog.   Pretty much all on their own,  with very little outside help.  Quite an accomplishment on its own.   Their second dog was a delightful black boy,  he competed in the obedience ring at just past 6 months, and would have earned his CD if it wasn't for those darn stays.  He was only shown sporadically due to work commitments,  and retired from the ring with 9pts........... he really did deserve his CH.  Both dogs certified with good hips and elbows, and with our blessing they produced a litter.   The 'keeper' puppy is now all grown up.   A small girl with a heart as big as the moon.   They have been working on draft............ that is pulling a loaded cart, around obstacles, up and down hills,  all with only voice direction from the handler.   There aren't a lot of opportunities to trial,  the first attempt was 2 years ago,  last year the trials were all too far away.  But this year,  the opportunity was close at hand,  and off they went.  At almost 8 years of age, THEY DID IT!!!  I swear that little girl would pull her cart up Mt. Everest if her Mommy asked her too!!   We love you, Thank you!!
April 23rd.  Here is our newest little star, with his proud Mommy,  practicing to be  Champions.   We haven't had anyone out in the conformation rings for more than 5 years............. due to my decreasing ability to run!!!  But this lucky guy has  Mommy who CAN run.............. we are confident that he will be our 29th Champion 

Mar 12th.  Copied from Dogs Naturally Magazine. Here are the latest statistics on duration of immunity from vaccines.  
Feb 17th.  Here is "Echo"  Snowycreek's Eye of the Eagle at 4 months of age.  We are all very proud of this young man, and looking forward to some exciting things in his future!
Feb 16th.  This is the second birthday for our BB litter.  They are all great dogs and live in wonderful homes.  And as I said below, it makes letting them go much easier! 
Happy Valentines Day to our Darling Dawson.
BTW: Just in case you think this girl is just another pretty face, check out our Action photos to see some of what she can do!! 
She already freely climbs a steep open stair to her bedroom loft, and is now learning a conventional ladder.  She does "PiggyBack" with her Dad,
She is learning to close the doors that she opens!!  BONUS!!
Feb 10th.  The older I get and the longer I do this,  the harder it is for me to let my pups go.   I want to keep ALL of them.   This last litter was no exception, and there were two pups in particular that wound them selves up in my heart strings.    One little girl was to go to a family far away from us.   We were having a very hard time getting her there................ She finally made it.  And  they all fell in love, but the most love came from the youngest of their four children.  Dad wrote to me and said, "they play together constantly". Today I got this picture!  This is truly what it is all about, and why we do this!!  
 Feb 12th  Sad news today of the passing of Sabre, one of four CHampions in our wonderful "H" litter.  He lived a long and well loved life.  Visit our memorium page for more.
Jan 26th.  I came home from a fun weekend of  Nose Work, to find a letter from a client  with a plea for help. 
Their 7.5 yr old dog had recently been given a massive 5 way combo vaccine, as well as Bordatella, Corona Virus, AND  Rabies!   All at the suggestion of the Veterinarian.  And now her toe nails were falling out. They were told to stop feeding her her eggs!!!!  And put nail polish on her toes!!
There are so many things wrong with this story.  Firstly a dog of  her age does not need any more vaccinations. It does NOTHING to increase her immunity, in fact it induces an auto immune response, that can vary widely in it's symptoms and can be so severe as to cause seizures and death.
Apart from the 5way combo, (which we would never use) they added two vaccines that were totally unnecessary.  Bordatella is for kennel cough, something similar to laryngitis, and dogs that are in situations where they will be in close contact with large numbers of other dogs, can be susceptible.  But this was not the case for her.  She is an only dog, living on an acreage, helping to tend to the chickens and cows.  Corona virus is  a self limiting viral infection that only puppies under 8 weeks of age are susceptible too.  Tell me WHY was this given to a 7.5 year old dog!!  It certainly wasn't for her health.
And then to add insult to injury they gave her RABIES vaccine on top of everything else.  The rabies vaccine is a very powerful neuro toxin, with a myriad of potential side effects from behavorial changes to seizures.  These side effects are well documented and well known.  They have been written up under the title of Rabies Miasm, look it up,  it will scare you to death.
I have put these people in contact with my Holistic Vet,  who is also a fully licensed  DVM, and a practitioner of TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medicine),  Acupuncture,  Laser Therapy, and Chiropractic Medicine.  She has formulated a plan of treatment that includes dietary changes and Homeopathic meds to alleviate the toxic effects of the overdose of vaccines.  We are hopeful that there will be a positive outcome.
I am writing this to encourage you to be pro active in your dogs health care.  Do your research on Vaccinosis.  Only give the core vaccines of distemper and parvo.  Use a three year plan.  DO NOT vaccinate your dog past 7 years of age.  Never give Rabies vaccine in combination with any other vaccine, any procedure, any sign of inflammation or infection. 
 “The inferior doctor treats the sick;
The mediocre doctor averts impending illness;
The superior doctor keeps his patients well.”
Chinese Proverb
Jan 25th.
Banker and his sister, Diva celebrated their 13th birthday today.  We congratulate them on their long and lovely lives,  and wish them well in the coming year.   LOVE YOU!!
Jan 17th
Sad news today of the passing of  "Ginny".  Mar 17/02 to Jan 17/ 15.  Just two months shy of her 13th birthday,  dearly loved for all those years by Darren  and son Jorden.  Darren says, "she  was the best German Shepherd I ever owned!"  Ginny was a full sister to "Precious" , who's story is below.
Ginny pictured here at nine years of age. Sweet dreams and God Bless!
Dec 18th. 
One of our "BB" girls at 22 months of age. Parents are Cash and Willow.  She is not only beautiful, she has brains, heart and athleticism! 
This is a natural free stack! She was not 'taught' this, it comes naturally, because she has correct conformation.
Dec 3rd
More wonderful pictures! Check out our "Family Portraits" page to view them.
Nov 4th.
At the end of a difficult day,  can you imagine how uplifting it was to receive this message!
Snowycreeks Gossamer Wings, "Silken" aka Precious

Dear Chris Burke,

Hello, my name is Katelyn Nelson. About 10 years ago give or take my grandparents Al and Sandy Sepe bought me a puppy from you guys. Her name is Snowy Creek Gossamer Wines Silken, we call her Precious, she is a pure black shepherd. I believe she is about 12 years old now maybe 13. She has been the most amazing dog ever, you guys probably hear that a lot I am sure. I am most impressed with the quality of dogs you guys have bred, she is the most docile dog. . She is so amazing, I wanted to express to you how amazing your line of shepherds are and how I so appreciate what you have bred for in your dogs. She is still going strong due to a horse injury she has developed so hip problems but that is no fault of her breeding. She still runs around chasing sheep and chickens. I am pretty sure she will outlive me and my children. Thank you guys so much for what you have done and for allowing me the opportunity to own such an incredible dog. I have attached a few pictures of her and me through the years. Thank you for your time in reading my story.


Katelyn Nelson
Katelyn is going to write  her story, look for it in our "stories"
Oct 17th. 
Willow delivers our EE litter.  Sire is CH. Snowycreek's Raising the Bar OFA G H/E.. 2 males and 3 females.  See the puppy page for details and pictures.  
Oct 12th. OFA, Orthopedic Foundation of  America, recently released data on hip evaluations.  There has been a significant improvement in ranking for the GSD, we are now ranked 40th overall.  And, if you look in the data for those born from 2006 to 2010, you will see a marked improvement in the number of Excellent ratings, and a marked decrease in the number of dysplastic dogs.  Thanks to all the breeders who are health testing  their dogs.  Healthy parents produce healthy progeny!
Oct. 3rd.   More wonderful pictures and stories!!  This is Taka from our CC litter, she turned 1yr old on Aug. 1st.   She's out here with her best buddy Huck, whom she lives with and adores.  But, as her owner says, she adores every minute of every day, and is so very  happy with everything big or little that life has to offer her.  She brings smiles to faces, even on the darkest days.   
Mom says she is just like POOH!  And that made ME smile!! 
 Sept. 26th.  I posted some video's on our home page today, and I wanted to talk about them a little bit.  In the first video, the very first dog featured is "Bailey",  CH. Kenlyn's Aries v Hi Cliff,  OFA H & E.  He is our Cash's sire.  Cash was from one of the first "Bailey kids" to be born in Canada, almost 9 years ago now,  thanks to a forward thinking and talented pair, Bob and Sylvia  Clark.  Sylvia bred her beautiful multi best in show bitch Danni to him, and I was first on the list for pick male. We weren't disappointed!! "Bailey" is still producing progeny that are dominating the German Shepherd lines. He  will likely go down in history as one of, if not THE, most influential sires in the breed, surpassing his own sir "Dallas", and the likes of GV Lance of Fran Joe, and Stuttgarts Sundance Kid, who reigned supreme for many years dating back to the 70's.  We are so proud,  that our dogs have so many of  these Grand Champions in their pedigrees!
#1 GSD Canada 2003, MBIS CH Crystaridges Beautiful Dream OVC H/E  "Danni"
The second video, makes reference to a "changing" GSD standard. One that would accept colours not previously allowed,  and other characteristics that have been characterized as 'faults', such as pink noses etc.  I believe we must uphold the standard as it has been applied for the last 100 years, and would not vote for such changes to be implemented!
Sept.1st:  Back in March,  we did one of those things that we rarely do............let one of our adults go to live with her very own family.  Val was not unhappy here, but she thrived on attention, and when you have to share with so many there likely were times when she would have liked more.  She stayed reserved with her new family for several months, but they were patient and waited for her acceptance of them.  It's all good now!  She is in heaven!  She goes for daily car rides with her Mom (who she adores), and nightly walks with her Dad, who says "she heels like a dream".   And when the young adult daughter is busy with her work on the computer......... well Val likes to "help"!
We love stories like this.

Aug 31st:  We are blessed with having so many wonderful families, that share their homes with our dogs, and give them such enriching and fulfilling lives.  We love it that they keep in touch and send such wonderful pictures.  Here is Zach, enjoying a summer vacation with his family!
Aug 20th: You know we are very proud of all our dogs, but must give a special shout out to those owners who go that xtra mile to compete and certify.  Many thanks to Ginny and her beautiful girl Angel.  Angel is now certified hips and elbows with OFA, GS-EL3056F26,  G-970F2F, and has earned both an AKC Canine Good Citizen as well as an AKC Community Good Citizen

Aug 13th: Today we lost our very beautiful Kenya to the ravages of DM.  She had not been symptomatic for a very long time, but was not at all happy coping with her loss of mobility!  Kenya and I shared some wonderful times, and I will never forget her. Bless you for the gifts that you gave us. 

Aug 8th.  Can you caption this picture?  This is so typical of  Shepherds, always want to know what's on the other side, or around the corner, or just, "If I did this, I wonder what would happen?"  What do you think she is thinking??  Mail me at
July 22nd.  This is Diesel,  He is Banker's brother,  those boys were 12 years old in January of this year!!  Diesel doesn't like getting his picture taken, but if it means he can drive the boat, he is all smiles!!!   That's his buddy Eagle in the back ground!!   Way to go guys!
July 12th.   You have heard of dogs that find drugs at airports and other places, dogs that find missing persons, dogs that can even find cancer,  but this dog finds HUCKLEBERRIES!  Boy do her parents appreciate her!!
June 6th.   Look at this intelligent and wise face.............. and she is still only 10m old, love those eyes.  

June 5th.   Now on a nice warm spring day, doesn't this look like the perfect place for a fellow to take a nap!! This is Janice's CKessel at 10mo.
May 26th.   Anna had her 2nd birthday on the 23rd.  Today we took her down for Hip and Elbow x-rays.  She did so well!!  No sedation was required, and she accepted every position they asked her to assume.  The results were awesome, and we are anticipating some wonderful ratings.  

May:  Had to share this lovely photo of one of our pups.  Spring in the Rockies, and this is her own back yard!!   Lola at 9 months. 
January:  We rarely 'rehome' our retired dogs.  But sometimes it just seems the right thing to do.  It just so happened that when Banker was no longer going to be a regular part of our breeding program the perfect new owner presented himself to us!!   Once I got my head and heart around the idea that this would be the best possible thing for Banker and his new Dad, it was relatively easy to let him move on with his life.   Banker will turn 12 years old on Jan 25th.  Here he is this past summer, doing one of his favorite things, mountain biking with his Dad!!!  How great is that!!!   Love you Louis!! 


December 11: We said good bye to a grand old gentleman today.  CH. Snowycreek's Dream Merchant OFA, "Armani".  There was no disease, no tumors, he was just very tired and finding the cold of winter more than he wanted to deal with.  Armani was born May 20th 2000, he was 13yrs and 7months old.  Rest in peace my good friend. 

 November:   Guinness goes to school!!  What a good watching boy!!! 

Aug. 22nd.   And here is Zach, a 2yr old son of Caruso and Sydney.  When Zach was a baby he had a very curly coat....... but as you can see, he has grown into a very handsome boy with a beautiful deep heavy coat, and no curls!!

Aug. 15th.  Just received this picture of a very handsome boy.  This is Cooper, 3 yr old son of Caruso and Sydney.   He was vacationing with his family on the Oregon coast, garnered lots of attention for his stunning good looks and impeccable temperament!!

Aug. 1st: 
Sydney delivers our "CC" litter.  5 males and 7 females.  See the puppy page for details.  Sire is Caruso.  

July 2nd:   Just received this picture of Riley, a long coat girl from our "K" litter.  She is 9 1/2 years old now, and looking wonderful.  Her Dad thinks she is "the best looking" of all our dogs!!   When you look at that beautiful coat, you might have to agree!!    Glad you are so well loved Riley!
June 30th:  And then to top it all off on Sunday they were awarded the Good Sportsmanship medal.   A lot of people are very proud of you, you have done so well, and done it with a smile and a gentle hand!!    
June 29th:   Can't begin to tell you how proud we are of Thea and Java who passed their BH today at the Yukon Schutzhund club.  That is three new titles for that team in just 3 weeks............ and more to come I'm thinking. 
June 10th: 
Our very precious  Z litter, (Caruso and Sydney) will be 2yrs old on June 25th.   One of the Moms sent a picture of her very special boy.   Comment, "Beautiful, inside and out"!!  
Happy Birthday Zander!! 
June 7th: 
Just received word from a very excited and proud Mom that her girl, "Java" from our X litter earned her CD today, AND a HIGH in TRIAL in her very first Rally competition!!   She went on to complete her Rally Novice title with HIT's each day.  And on Saturday was awarded the $150 prize for her achievements.   Just look at those smiles!!
Snowycreek's Xpresso Java Time CD RN
Owner, Thea Rogers
Judge, Karen Brearley 
June 1st: 
A visit from one of the BB kids, this is Brea at 3.5m.  First stack!!  
See Willows page at for more pictures of the siblings!
May 23rd. 
Angel at 1 year.  See Sydney's progeny at  page for more littermates! 
Feb. 16th.
Willow presents us with her first litter.  1 boy and 3 girls.  Sire is Cash. 
Jan. 10th. 
 Sweet Lilly, our long coated girl from the "Z" litter sends New Year Greetings our way! 
Happy New Year darling!
Dec. 5th. 
On the other end of the spectrum, we received this collage of Shar and Ryder, who just completed their Rally Excellent 6 this Nov.  Ryder is now 11 1/2 yrs of age, AWESOME!!! 
Nov. 21st.  
Congratulations to Ginny and Angel for completing the Novice Trick Dog program. This was earned at just shy of 6 months, and is just the beginning for her
Angel had to complete 15 tricks for the Novice title. Some of those include sit, down, come,doggy pushups, find hidden treats, kennel up, paws up on an object, shake hands, stay, get on a platform, go through a tunnel, touch hand/target stick, which hand holds treat, paws on my arm, etc. Next level will be an additional 12 new tricks (intermediate level). Most tricks are building on previous skills. And all represent the foundation for future competitive obedience, and general life skills.  Way to go baby!!! 
Nov 10th. 
Zach's parents sent a 'graduation' picture after completion of the 'core' program at clever canines.  An intensive program conducted outdoors in the community.  Graduating dogs are able to go anywhere in and around the city off leash!  We are proud of you!
Sept 23rd:
The next star on the horizon, Snowycreek's Angels Among Us,  pictured at exactly 4 m of age. 
August 28th:
Our pretty black 'grand-daughter', Shalakaus I'm a Believer, aka "Hannah", finished her Championship in fine style.  She picked up several group placings, and puppy groups, and all at only 10m of age.  This is exactly 1 year after her mother, Ch Snowycreek's Tejanna, finished at the same shows!  Thanks to handler Larry Clark and owner Marianne McCollum. 
June 29th: 
 I am very pleased to report that, Snowycreek's Woodsman, aka Rylee's DNA testing for DM has come back Clear.  Normal/Normal. 
June 9th: 
Yahoo, CD leg #2  and a 3rd place Rosette for Java!! 
June 8th:
Hearty congratulations to Snowycreek's Xpresso Java Time, "Java" who earned the first leg of her CD today.  First time in the ring for her, and her Mom.  Way to go girls!!  Nice score too!!  No stopping you now...........
May 23rd: 
Our AA litter arrives.  5 boys and 4 girls.  Mother is Sydney, Sired by Caruso.  Huge babies, weighing 1 lb 5 oz to 1 lb 8 oz.  Two black boys, the rest very dark black and tans!!  Gorgeous!!
May 13th:
Happy Mother's Day from Guinness!! Snowycreek's Guinness Quincannon earned his CGN title today, impressing the judge and all spectators with his amiable good nature, and handsome good looks!! 
March 26th: 
According to the calendar spring is here............ but not according to the weather man!  Can you find the dog in this picture of 'spring' at Snowycreek!!!
January: I have recently become aware of a valuable health and wellness web site, hosted by Dr Becker of Mercola Healthy Pets.  I have no affiliation with this company or their products, but appreciate the information that is dispensed, as it follows our own holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing health in our companions.  Hope you too will find it an invaluable tool. 
Dr. Becker is the resident proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian of You can learn holistic ways of preventing illness in your pets by subscribing to, an online resource for animal lovers. For more pet care tips, subscribe for FREE to Mercola Healthy Pet Newsletter.
December 30th.  Rosco, sire of our V and W litter finishes the year going #1 GSD in Canada.  Way to go team Rosco!!  What a great accomplishment!! 
Rosco goes RBIS over a field of 400 quality entrants!! 
Thank you judge Jackie Fornier, and handler Larry Clark.
December 15th.  Snowycreek's Easy Rider, at 10 years 7m of age, finishes the year as #1 Rally GSD in Canada, #14 All Breeds, and #1 Rally dog all breeds in Alberta.  What a testimony to a great team,  very proud of you Shar and Ryder.
 November 8th.  Willow has her OFA finals done at 24 months of age.  Results are OFA GOOD Hips and Elbows.  My cup runeth over!!!  That's EIGHT of our dogs that were xrayed this year, ranging in age from 36 to 18 months at time of evaluation.  EVERYONE Passed!!!  WOW!! 
October 17th.  Val has her OFA finals done.  Results are OFA GOOD Hips and Elbows normal.  YAHOO!!!!  
August 27th. TJ, Snowycreeks Tejanna, CGN OFA G H/E completes her CHAMPION title.  Doing it the hard way, 2 weekends with no female competition, she has to beat the boys to earn her points.  Way to go TJ!!   Many thanks to Larry and Reshaun, for handling her to these wins! 
August 21st.  Rosco, CH Crystaridge Sundance Shalakaus, OFA G. H/E, the sire of our V and W litter, earned his first BEST IN SHOW.  Congratulations to his breeders, Robert and Sylvia Clark, handler Larry Clark and Marianne McCollum his owner!!
July 25th. Caruso and Sydney produce the "Z" litter, this time 6 black and tans, and 1 black.  Another gorgeous looking litter!! 
June 25/26th
Again under the auspice of the CDKC, I organized a 2 day Rally workshop, and 2 official CKC Rally trials.  Mercedes and I attended at the Rally Excellent level.  Well she's excellent, but I look like I could use some help!! LOL
Visit us at  go to the photo gallery to see more pictures of our weekend!
 June 24th. One of the youngster's from our "W" litter was in town, so we whipped him in for xrays.  Happy to report that Snowycreeks Woodsman OFA H/E prelims look good.  Way to go Rylee!! 
May 29th.  Canine Good Neighbor Testing 
As the Education/Performance Director for the Cranbrook all breed club I organized at CGN test for club members and the general public.  It was a well attended event, and after weeks of rainy cold weather the sun actually shone! What a treat!  Congratulations to all the passing dogs, but a special smile to Ch. Snowcreeks Mercedes and Ch Snowycreeks Tejanna. 
May 9th.  Snowycreeks Tejanna has her final OFA xrays done and recieves an OFA Good on her hips and Elbows, normal.  Doing the happy dance!!!
May.  Ryder celebrated his TENTH birthday by completing his RAE 1V title.  This currently places him #1 Rally dog in Alberta, and he's not done yet!!  Congratulations to Shar and Ryder!!
March 3rd:  Cash and Val give us the "Y" litter..... GORGEOUS!! 
March.  Have just recieved word that our boy Snowycreeks Easy Ryder has put yet another title onto his name.  He is now a registered International Therapy dog, which will allow him full visitation rights to not only Hospitals and Nursing Homes, but anywhere that an incident may have caused emotional trauma to a human.  Ryder has been a dog of a lifetime for owner Shar, his list of accomplishments just never end.  He has both his Am/Can CD, Am/Can RE, RAE-3, CGN, AN, ITD.  Ryder was ranked #4 dog in Canada in Rally in 2010.  Approaching 10yrs of age in April, he is still a member of the Due South Scent Hurdle team, and hopes to pick up his last 10pts for his Championship in April.  Visit his page for more news and pictures:
Jan 11th-14th.  We took four of the 'kids' down for their finals for OFA.  Riggs, Teagan, Thyme and Sydney all certified OFA GOOD H/E.  YAHOOH!!! What a way to start the year!! 
Quiet year for us as I nursed a gimpy leg, but we did make it back to the Rally rings where Sadie earned her Rally Advanced Title in 3 straight trials, with HIGH IN CLASS each time.  Way to go girl!!
Mar 26th 2010:  Caruso and Sydney produce the "X" litter.  This was Caruso's first, and we laughed that he really wanted to make sure everone knew they were his, as all five of the babies were solid black!!! 
Nov. 6th. "W" Litter:We were so happy with the V litter we repeated it,  Rosco (CH. Crystaridges Sundance Shalakaus OFA G H/E)and Morgan once again presented us with some fabulous pups.  Willow is our "keeper" girl!! 
September.  Sydney earns 6 more points towards her Championship.

August saw us out in the Rally rings with Sadie, CH Snowycreeks Mercedes CGN OVC H/E. Sadie and I completed Rally Novice in spite of a very nervous Mom. 

March 26th.  Rosco and Morgan produce the "V" litter.  Lucky I do testing and know exactly when my girls are due!!  We choose Val to stay with us!!
March 23-24

I'm the Performance Chairperson for our local all breed club. We hosted a super tracking seminar with Donna Brinkworth. Sydney had a great time!!
Head down and on the job! Watching mom lay the track
Head down and on the job! Watching Mom lay the track.


RE Title! CH Snowycreek's Dakota Rose, AKA Mesa, added her RE title finishing 3/3 with a HIC. Her brother Ryder, also completed his RE making him Snowycreeks Easy Ryder, CD, AGN RE, CGN. Mesa's daughter Roze is working on her DDX for this fall, and son Walker, has started his treck for titles earning his RN with top scores in sharp competition. Coming up next for Mesa is HT, and Ryder is looking for his Draft Dog title. Busy dogs, and busy owners!! Congrats guys!!
Year full of lots of things!
More puppies:
May 27th, the "S" litter with Cash and Ziggy.
Sep 21st, Cash and Java, "T" litter
Dec 21st,  Cash and Kenya, "U" litter!! 

We stayed busy at home for the first part of the year. I was obedience training with several of the girls, and we had puppies to care for. We did not even go to a show until August, but it was well worth the wait. Our young Cash x Java son zoomed through the classes to become our 27th Champion at 8m of age!!! Later in the year, Riggs was prelimed good hips and elbows. Visit his page for details. CH. Snowycreeks Raising the Bar prelim H/E normal

November 2008

Sydney goes back to back BOW at the AKC shows in Calgary AB. Sydney is 6m 4d old!!!

  • Caruso: CH Snowycreek's Night at the Opera was certified H/E via OVC and
  • Jala: Ch Snowycreek's Nostalgic Dream was also x-rayed good hips and elbows.

Ryder and Shar

More performance titles for CH. Snowycreeks Dakota Rose who added Rally advanced, and her brother Snowycreek's Easy Ryder moved right through the Advanced classes to complete his Rally Excellent, huge congrats to his owner Shar. Diva continued her winning ways also achieving Rally Excellent titles.

We rounded out the year by including some education. Hosting, via our local kennel club, a Myra Savant Canine Reproduction and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar. And also travelling to the WKKC, for a weekend with Pat Hastings and her Structural Analysis and Puppy Evaluation seminar. Both vey well worth attending.

It was a banner year!!
In my second year of retirement, and anxious to incorporate Cash into our breeding program, we had no less than three litters.  Wow, what a lot of work!!
Jan 8th. Sabre and Morgan give us the "P" litter, 5 babies
May 23rd.  Banker and Michaela produce the "Q" litter.  9 bouncing babies!! 
Dec 25th  Cash and Java produce the "R" litter, 7 babies!! 

Also, FIVE Snowycreek dogs earned their Championships this year. Many of them were owner handled; others assisted by the services of professionals Larry Clark and Ingrid Winkler. Along the way, these young dogs earned multiple puppy groups and Group placing in good competition. Great job!!!!

Congratulations to:

  • CH. BPIS Snowycreek's Mercedes OVC H/E
  • CH. Snowycreek's Night at the Opera  OVC H/E
  • CH. Snowycreek's Now and Forever
  • CH. Snowycreek's Nostalgic Dream
  • CH. Crystaridge Snowycreek Bandida
  • CH. Crystaridge Snowycreek X Factor aka Cash, certifies Hips and Elbows with OVC.

Please visit all their pages to view pictures and details of their accomplishments.


Also big congratulations to CH Snowycreeks Dakota Rose, and her owner Judith Snowdon for piling on the titles. Mesa has now added her Herding Instinct Certificate, 2 perfect RallyO scores and her CD with High in Class.

Diva Congratulations also go out to Roger Perron and "Diva". Snowycreek's First things First, for achieving her RN with 3 for 3 qualifiers and perfect scores which put her High in Class. She has moved up to Advanced and has her first leg. Diva has previously earned her CD and several Agility titles.

Way to go everyone. We can't thank all these dedicated owners enough for being there in all rings!! And I apologize to those I have missed.

It was a Very Good Year!!

We had a lot of wonderful times with the dogs this year, and kept very very busy!! All winter long we worked with our local all breed club, teaching the pups conformation, and working obedience with the older dogs. In mid April we took the conformation outside, and started Agility with Cash, Mateo and Java. MateoMercedes got going on her Obedience, and Ziggy started polishing up some stuff she had learned as a youngster. And of course the pretrial work for Maddie in Open and Banker in Novice had been a regular thing since the beginning of the year. We were fortunate to be able to participate in a Rally Seminar, with Maddie and Ziggy, taught by Jackie Clemens. Attended the Sanction Match in Lethbridge working in both Obedience and conformation. Enjoyed an obedience workshop with Janice Gunn, sponsored by the West Kootenay Kennel Club, got to meet up with some old friends, and made some new ones.......and of course last but not least welcomed Cash into our lives, along with two marvelous new litters.


Banker earned his Companion Dog title with class placements in large quality filled classes.

Maddie trialed at the Open level and gave me some wonderful, High in Class performances in the individuals, but failed to keep her out-of-sight stays, so sadly no Q's this year!! She did add CGN to her name.

Ziggy earned her CGN and later gave us 8 wonderful babies in June.

Mercedes had a wonderful puppy year. In just 3 weekends, and all owner handled, she won Best Puppy in Show, Best of Breed over a very deserving AM CH, multiple BW, and BPIG. And accumulated 8pts towards her Championship. She has been prelimmed Hips and Elbows and certified clear by OVC.

Cash hit the show ring at 6m 5d old. Under the very capable guidance of Larry and Erin Clark, he just took off, earning BOW in each show, and 2x BPIG. The following weekend he completed his Championship with another BOW. The next day, moved up to Specials, he took Breed, Gr 3, and BPIG. Two weeks later, still only 6 months old, he took Breed every day, and placed 3rd, 4th and 3rd in Group! What a start for a baby!!! As an 8month old he captured a BOB and 2x BPIG, and again at 9 months of age, Breed over Specials, Gr 3, 2x BPIG, and BPIS!! WOW, are we excited or what!!

Pasha gives us 3 gorgeous babies!!!

Also in 2006 and prior, Snowycreek dogs earned points and titles, trialed in several venues, and earned hip and elbow certifications. Many thanks to the wonderful people who own and love these dogs!! Visit the pages of Libby, Lothar, Mateo, Mesa, Ryder, Diva, Penon, Summer, Sabre, Cyrus, Shania, Evita, & Silken, for details of their accomplishments.



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