It's been 1 year since I posted this announcement!

Happy to say, the breeding has been repeated, with puppies anticipated , January 12th 2019

Apologies to those on my list.  Major computer issues, still without contacts/address book!

Please write to me!

Jan 24th:
So pleased to welcome the safe arrival of our first litter for 2018.  4 girls and 2 boys!!  2 sable girls, 1 sable boy
                   2 Black & tan girls, 1 black and tan boy. 
  Parents are: Darcy, Snowycreeks Dazzle the Dark OFA G h/e
Gibson,  Robillane's OMG of Snowycreek  OFA G h/e

We highly recommend the book,"How to Raise a Puppy you Can Live With" by Rutherford and Neil, for all owners of a new puppy. If you are considering a puppy, purchase and read this book now. Don't wait till the pup is in your lap, or developing some issues. Also, a long list of articles, books and references to assist with training your pup/dog, is available on our training page.
The best genetic framework, will not suffice, if you do not follow up on what we have done to maximize your puppy's potential!!
We breed 1 - 2 litters per year! Never more! Never two litters at the same time.
Puppies are raised with the utmost care, in our home.
They are socialized, trained and given every opportunity to develop their confidence and self esteem.
We have a waiting list.
We take deposits once we are both mutually agreeable, and we have a confirmed pregnancy.
Deposits are non refundable, but can be forwarded to a future litter.

Very occasionally we have young adults available.
Also, rarely, we will retire adults to another home!
All homes, for everyone of our puppies and dogs, must be approved!

Contact us for information regarding upcoming litters
Please supply information regarding yourself and your family. We prefer to have personal dialogue rather than using a "puppy application" form!!
Thank you, Chris
"O" litter at 4 weeks
Sit,stay at 6 weeks
The Christmas "R" litter, at 6w, amusing themselves indoors!
Sydney and Caruso's "Z" litter at 7w, practicing "go to your mat", wait for food!!

EE boy at 11 weeks



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