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These are unsolicited, random stories, sent to us, of your lives and experiences with your dogs.  Reproduced here with permission of the authors/owners!! 
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Gunner's Story! "Snowycreek's Young Blood" dob Mar 3 2011
Hi Chris,

It is crazy to think that he is already a year old! He is doing great and continuing to grow. We are always on the go with Gunner, whether its taking him to the park or visiting my parents and their golden retriever "Teddy". He has decided that he likes snow and chasing items that disappear into snow. We take him everywhere with us and he loves being invlolved ! We had him on the frozen lake last weekend and he thought it was the greatest thing in the world, having so much open ground and snow at his disposal. His favourite trick by far is "shake a paw" sometimes even just for his own amusement. I had him weighed at the vet about a month ago and he fell just short of 80 lbs. He is eating very well and would sell his soul for liver treats haha. He has made a ton of friends at the dog parks around the neighborhood and with the Boxer accross the street. This is the same boxer that used to play rough with Gunner when he was a little guy..... Gunner now towers over Niko (Boxer). We are so happy with Gunner in our lives and I cant wait for all the years to come. Camping season is approaching soon and this year we can go on some longer hikes with him which we are pretty excited about.
Rocco's Story!  "Snowycreek Yukons Midnite Son" dob Mar 3 2011
Hi Chris,

It is so hard to believe that 1 year has passed by already.

This past Sunday, out in all the new snow was just amazing with Rocco and our granddaughter Jewel. Both of them love to play in the snow. Jewel was sliding everywhere and Rocco was always with her. Then she moved to another hill and she was going up and down and he stood at the top and watched over her. Then on one of the slides she started to scream half way down. Rocco took after her like there was something wrong. The made it to the bottom at the same time. He went around her twice, saw she was alright and then gave her a great big kiss. Then he climbed back to the top of the hill and waited again. The next trip there was no screaming and then the third slide she screamed again and he did the exact same thing. Pretty darn impressive to watch…he watches her so closely which is what we were hoping he would do.
She's off!!
Oh NO!! she's crying!!
I'm coming Jewel !!
Are you OK?
Smiling baby, Happy dog!!
Back to watching............
Yukon's Story!!  "Snowycreek's Yukon Gold"  dob Mar 3 2011
July 2011, 
 I got the registration certificate in the mail today thank you! Yukon is doing fine, as silly as usual

and always finds an opportunity to sneak licks and kisses in where ever possible J

He is quite an opportunist and sits out on the outside of my strawberry beds and gobbles up all the berries

while I am not looking, he is fast and clever and all I ever see him do is look at me and chew....hahha.

My son Lucas give him the last few scoops of ice cream from the bottom of a small bucket of tiger ice cream

and he had a hay day stuffing his head inside to get every last lick out, he even managed to get his head jammed in,

too funny, I have a picture and will send it when I can find it. 

NOV. 2011.
Hi Chris!

I am sorry that I do not get on here enough to chat.... Yukon and I spend

almost every day at my neighbour just down the road to give her a hand.

The good news is that Yukon has an endless supply of playmatesJ “2 large Rottweiler’s, one bull mastiff, one Australian shepherd, one boxer and a blonde collie!

Out of all the dogs I have to say Yukon plays the nicest. he is playful but not aggressive, and knows when to back off .

He is a good boy and I don’t think he ever leaves my side no matter what I do in a day. The Shepherd is such a loyal dog..I had no ideaJ

He is very patient with me as well..if I have had a late night he will just lay around with his brother until I am up and at it, I just love that in him.

He is starting to show his teenager self and is getting braver all the time. Soon enough he will be chasing the deer off the property yay!!
Jan, 2012.

Good morning Chris,

Hope all is well for you and that your New Year is starting out great!

It has been strangely mild here and sooo much rain that I don’t dare go on our roads at the moment,

for once in my life I am wishing for minus 10 J

Yukon is doing great, he is still and always will be our gentle giant....great manners, always giving kisses  and he has more energy than all the dogs in Fraser lake! I am hoping the sanding trucks come out today

as it is even too icy for the pups to have a walk without having to fear they may slip and hurtthemselves....

Have a great week! 
Azryel's stories!!  "Snowycreek's Yakira Azryel" dob Mar 3, 2011
We are off to go boating again today. She absolutely loves it!!! She is our honorary Captain, funny thing...she still gets car sick, but never even once has she gotten boat sick and she’s out every week. Weird hey??
 We are getting alot of super cute photos of her boating and swimming and hiking and everything else. I get complimented on her EVERYWHERE we go!!!!!! people can not believe she’s only 5 months old. She is so well behaved she makes her mom look gggrrrrreeeaaattt!!!
This is no surprise but she is the STAR of her training class and if anything, we both find it rather boring. Last week after multiple on the mat, sit, down, stays we both found ourselves looking out the window while the other dogs and their people were trying to figure it out.  I was so proud of her!!!!!!! and when all the other dogs are losing their noodles, barking and really just being puppies, Azryel sits calmly by my side looking at me like what’s their problem mom??
She has literally been the easiest dog I have ever trained to the point that I’m pretty sure she could train me.....
Nov 2011,
One of the kitties was hit by a car and suffered severe head trauma. She had to spend 1 night at the vet but then they entrusted the care to me, and she is really doing amazingly well. I have a room in my house that looks like a hosipital room with all the fluids and meds etc. She had so much brain trauma and swelling in head, no one expected her to survive the first few days but she did and from what we can see, there doesn't appear to be any brain damage. Thank goodness!!!! and, of course not shocking, her sweet care giver Azryel doesn't want to leave her side. They both sleep with me, and Azryel keeps herself between Penguin and all the other animals. All the team are great with wounded animals but Azryel won't leave her side when she's in the house. Again.... Super puppy:)
Later in November:
As for Azryel being a good girl.......well lets just say she gorgeous and brilliant and has turned into the terrible 2’s!! You name it....She can do it!!! I have actually had to baby proof my closets and cupboards and fridge!!!! This little lady, can and does open everything!!! She gets tons of excercise, lots of play and training time, infinite cuddle time (thank goodness she’s still my mini me) but look out!!! If she thinks something is worthy she will try her dandiest to get it. I always have said puppies are fabulous and teach them well because 8 or 9 months for a few months, they just become brats, then it’s like a switch turns off and viola...amazing doggy companion for life either that or she hates that I work and she’s letting me know. We have already undecorated the tree as she thought it was a good idea to try to turn the ornaments into toys, and of course safety first. really she only has about 100 toys in her toy box, so I can’t blame her for wanting more,
I am taking next summer off as well, so we’ll have a fun time hiking and swimming and everything else we can do.
My kitty who got hit by the car is doing great!!!! feeding tubes etc. are out and she's getting back to being herself!!!! she’s now an indoor cat and not super pleased. Zeph is doing really great and back at the walking/playing game so this is great news for all of us. my old girls just keep on trucking!!! This is all really amazing!!
March 2012:
Hi Chris and Gary, It’s hard to believe her first year has gone by so quickly!!! Azryel has been the greatest addition to our family that we could possibly hope for. Not only is she gorgeous, sweet and fun, she is brilliant!!! She has taken all her first year lessons in stride and excelled at “almost” everything we have given her. She’s gone through puppy school, advanced obedience school, and we are starting her agility next month. Judging by the way she flies through the air when she’s running, and her ability to leap over a coffee table when necessary, I’m thinking she will LOVE it.
She has also become the Capitan of our boat!!!! She came boating with us every time last summer, and was very good with public relations at the dock!!! I think she has helped increase the sales for her life jacket company greatly. When we weren’t playing on the water, she has enjoyed lots of exploring new areas. She always up for anything and has truly become my best pal... I can’t thank you enough for such a gift. She will be treasured always.... I had a much older pack of dogs and we have suffered some very sad losses this past year. Azryel, has managed to help both the dogs and humans through a year with so much heartache. She is my little princess and I can’t thank you enough.
Azryel's Birthday:
She had an awesome day with 8 pals and new stuffed toys, and a new home agility set and a great puzzle toy.. yikes.... very spoiled girl and had a yummy steak dinner!!!

October 2012:  Snowycreek's Rich Xpresso aka Raina 
DOB Dec 25, 2007   
Hi Chris and Garry, I'm just dropping you a line to tell you how things are going now that I have adopted Raina into my team. She's an absolute love!! I took her and Azryel on a girl's trip to the ocean this summer where they were able to start forming a sisterly bond. While we have had a few ups and downs, the transition for Raina has been very good. She's a crazy, goofy, fun loving girl who has the most gentle heart of any shepherd I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, other than when she's attacking burr bushes!!! She hates those burr bushes and fights them whenever they attack. She always seems to lose but she sure doesn't give up:) She loves to swim and play fetch. When she came to me, she really had no idea how to go about swimming, but has had tons of practice and is getting better all the time. Thank goodness for persistence. She has also discovered the glory of Azryel's puppy toys in the house and hides them all over every night before bed. It's been a pleasure getting to know her and I look forward to long life with my new girl. I feel so lucky to have two brilliant girls in my pack. This winter should be fun learning about playing snowball, and starting her tricks for dog's class. I have no doubt she'll be a star like her baby sister. 
November 2012.
We just received this note regarding Snowycreek's Corporate Jet, dob Nov 25 1999.
Chris and Gary,
Yesterday, our boy from Denby and Dakota's litter, turned the golden age of 13 years.
He is a most wonderful dog. We take much pleasure in him every day.
Jet has always been a most vocal dog whether it be talking to another dog or just relaxing on the floor and singing his own special song.
He prides himself on rules, schedules, and the "right" way of doing things. While at doggie-day-care a few years ago, he felt it his responsibility to point out to the
owners of any rule-breaking activities like pulling down objects from the shelves or dogs in inappropriate situations-escaping into an off limit pen or eating the wrong food.
At home, Jet just stands and points his nose at whatever we seem to have forgotten.
Many thanks to you as the breeders!
Hopefully, when the time is right, you will provide us with another most wonderful pup.
Judy and Keith
Medicine Hat
PS:  Forgot to say, He Loves Hugs!!! 
Bless you Jet, we are very proud of you!



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